An Investigation Into New ABS Control Strategies

Jonathan Loyola

An investigation into two new control strategies for the vehicle Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) are made for a possible replacement of current control methods.  This thesis applies two techniques in order to maximize the braking force of ABS.

The first considers the power dissipated by the brake actuator. This strategy, called the Power Method, does not use slip to construct its reference signal for control. A heuristic approach is taken with this algorithm where one searches for the maximum power dissipated. This can open up easier implementation of regenerative braking in a hybrid powertrain vehicle concurrently with ABS on an electro-hydraulic braking system. Parameter scheduling is explored in this algorithm.

The second algorithm employs the use of perturbation based Extremum Seeking (ES) to provide a reference slip and a Youla controller in a feedback loop.

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